Jane Matyushko

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Jane Matyushko is a Collage Artist who has both studied and taught in Russia. Her work  uses paper, modern magazines, children's books and paint to create images that evoke thought and discussion. Additionally the artist uses ink, pencils and printing techniques that help define the unnerving images created. Her works evoke dark subjects and invite the viewer to create their own assessment of the works.

Ms. Matyushko received Masters Degrees in both Architecture and Interior Design from Moscow State University of Technology and Management/MGUTU. At the British Higher School of Art & Design - Moscow, Ms. Matyushko acted as the Course Director of Interactive and New Media. Jane has also exhibited her works in various venues including the III Annual Festival of Illustration at the Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery, the Odessa Regional Collage Exhibition, Yalanzhi Gallery,  The Art Center - Siniy Crab and Club Kykla.