How to use acrylic paint?

How to use acrylic paint?

How to use acrylic paint?

Why should you try acrylic paints?

How to paint with acrylics? Not simple, but very simple. This requires the most common set - paints, brushes, the surface on which you will paint. Acrylic paints are very fond of novice artists - it is a little easier to paint with them than oil paints, but no less effective.

Many artists create wonderful work with acrylics. Among them there are both adherents of traditional painting and various modernists who are trying to achieve a new level of reality in painting.

How to use acrylic paints for beginners?

There are several reasons why acrylic paints are so loved by beginners:

  1. You can draw on absolutely any surface by your own choice. Acrylic paints fit on almost any substrate, be it canvas, cardboard, wood, fabric, glass and many others.
  2. Paints are thinned with water, dry quickly. After drying, they acquire water resistance and weather resistance, do not turn yellow and do not fade
  3. Acrylic paints are absolutely hypoallergenic.

How to use acrylic paints correctly.

First of all, you need to decide what and on what surface you will paint. Then go to the choice of colors. 

  • Acrylic paints can differ in the type of surface they form after drying: glossy, matte or velvety; by density; by the number of colors in the palette and by their saturation.

how-to-use-acrylic-paintIt is important to know that one of the features of acrylic paints is its fast drying time. For some, this is an important advantage, but for others it is a disadvantage that reduces the time for creative searches. How to use acrylic paints water based - just the same as any other type of painting but in this case it is strongly recommended to use a palette to mix your colors. 

  • The next important item is brushes. Round brushes are considered universal for painting. Natural or synthetic piles are a matter of personal preference for artists. It is worth trying different options and choosing what is more convenient for you to work with. Some people generally prefer working with a palette knife.

With acrylic paints, you can create a stained glass window or paint your favorite T-shirt, create a unique painting on a vase, or prepare eggs for Easter. These paints are so loved by many precisely for the variety of use cases. In addition, they mix well and make it possible to create a large number of shades and textures. Explore different techniques for using acrylics - and create your own masterpiece.