How to paint trees acrylic?

How to paint trees acrylic?

How to paint trees acrylic?

Very rarely, a landscape can be painted without a single tree. And this is good - they are so easy to draw. Trust me, nothing could be easier. In order to draw a tree, you need acrylic paints, your inspiration and quite a bit of our advice.

How to prepare for painting a tree with acrylic

Like any drawing, a tree requires some preparation. Decide on what surface you will paint, what size the drawing will be. Based on this, pick up brushes and a canvas. You will need paints of all basic colors, even the most unexpected ones. 

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A tree - step by step

  1. If you want to learn how to paint trees for beginners - start by deciding which tree you will draw. It can be a lonely tree on a grass or a group of trees on the backward, a weeping willow over a lake, or a tall palm tree on the ocean. You will soon find out how to paint trees on a mountain and how to paint trees in a forest - it all depends only on your imagination. 
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  3. Before taking up the brush, draw the outlines of the future landscape with a pencil. Add guidelines for the tree trunk and main branches. Small details - leaves, fruits, nests - can be drawn immediately with a brush, but larger ones are better to coordinate in advance with the rest of the drawing.
  4. Now, forget what you knew about the color of the tree. Yes, you don't always need green paint to paint even the greenest leaves. Not always a tree is a brown trunk and green leaves. Get ready to experiment with colors. Take a close look at the trees - and perhaps the first color you use for the leaves will be blue
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  6. Take a closer look at the landscape you plan to paint. Select the darkest areas, the most contrasting areas. It is with them that you have to start. Sketch out the outlines of the dark spots.
  7. Gradually adding strokes, select large elements. After you see in your drawing the outline of the tree, filled with paints and shades, you can proceed to detailing. Do not try to draw each sheet on the first try. It will be enough if you detail just a few individual elements on the highlighted foliage.

How to paint acrylic trees easily?

After the tree is depicted - try to play with light, add sun glare on the leaves, shadow on the trunk. Paint a few strokes with lighter colors to convey the reflection. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it right from the first drawing - don't be afraid to experiment, after all, you are the author and this is your opinion. Remember - the drawing process should be enjoyable, first of all, for you personally. 

Try different trees in shape and size, location and color. Be sure to keep perspective in mind - how to draw trees in your backyard without taking away the main objects in the background. Try, draw, create!