How to paint acrylic flowers on canvas

How to paint acrylic flowers on canvas

How to paint acrylic flowers on canvas

When planning to master the technique of painting with acrylic, start with simple motives, for example, flowers. Using acrylic paints and cardboard or canvas, you can quickly create your own bouquet, with bright, airy colors.

How to draw flowers with acrylic paint for beginners

There are several steps for those wishing to master the technique of painting with acrylics. Before creating your painting - prepare for the process.

  • Prepare your workplace. Remember that after drying, acrylic paints become water resistant and it will be difficult to remove stains from any surface or clothing.
  • Decide on the pattern - what kind of flowers you will paint. If possible, place in front of you a vase of fresh flowers or a reproduction of a picture that should be the result. It is easier and more effective for novice artists to draw from life.
  • For beginners, it is better to take thick paper with a rough texture or white cardboard as a basis: it is easier to draw on them. Having mastered the basics of acrylic technique, you can move on to canvas, wood and other materials.
  • Pick up brushes - art brushes differ in size, shape (round or flat), composition (synthetic or natural), stiffness (bristles and synthetics are harder than ponies and squirrels). Because acrylics are dense and heavy, medium-hard synthetic brushes hold better.

how to paint acrylic-flowers

How to paint acrylic flowers - step by step

If you are convinced that you are ready to work - you have prepared the place, brushes and paints, you can start working.

  • Before starting, place some paint from each jar on the palette. To make it convenient to mix colors, artists spread white paint in the upper left corner, warm shades (yellow, orange, red, brown) along the upper border of the palette, cold colors (green, blue, purple) along the left border. Black paint is best laid out after blue or purple.
  • There are two options for mixing paints - you can do it on the palette, adding paints until the desired tone is obtained, or you can use the impressionist technique - apply strokes with pure paint, mixing them already on the canvas.
  • If you are not confident in your abilities, first sketch with a pencil. Do not press down on the pencil so that your contours do not show through the paint. Be careful where light colors are supposed to be used.
  • When sketching the first strokes, it is necessary to moisten the palette with water using a spray bottle. Acrylic is an economical material. It's best to pour a little paint at a time. When painting, you need to monitor the transparency of the paint. The transparency of the smear depends on the amount of water. You need to start drawing by painting over the volumetric areas with large brushes, and then smoothly move on to drawing the main points, detailing.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment - after all, there is no right or wrong picture, there is only your view of the flower and its interpretation.

Now you know how to paint flowers acrylic easy

Acrylic paints are distinguished by bright, rich colors, rich shades. They easily cover various surfaces. Through acrylic, dense textured images or sophisticated layering are created. The result is determined by the liquid or thick consistency of acrylic paints.

Painting with acrylics opens up a wide scope for all kinds of creative experiments. Having come into contact with amazing acrylic painting, the novice artist will find himself in a fascinating world of creative ideas, fairy-tale fantasies and endless possibilities.