Best paint for denim fabric

Best paint for denim fabric

Best paint for denim fabric

Best type of paint for denim

If you are fond of uniqueness, always try to wear things that instantly distinguish you from the crowd - by all means you should start to paint your clothes with acrylic paintings.  In fact, this is a great way to get a really unique piece - because it will be only you who can choose a drawing and apply it. Thus, you can not only decorate an ordinary shirt or dress, but also make your favorite jeans or a jacket unusual - after all, acrylic paint can be easily applied to any item, including denim of any density.

Why is it best to use acrylic paints for painting on fabric? Because of the very important reasons - they produced from polymers and, after dyeing, create a protective film on the surface of the denim. This helps to keep the pattern for a long time, and the item becomes waterproof and denser.

How to start paint denim for beginners?

If you want to decorate your favorite denim clothes with a flower or butterfly, whatever you want - you will have some ways to do it for your choice. How to choose the right method - it is worth to mention, first of all, the selected drawing itself - how monotonous it is, how many small details it contains. Just choose:

  • The most common way is to paint with a brush. This method is familiar to us from many other painting techniques. And the brushes are often the same, so finding the right thickness is easy enough.
  • Using a stencil. You simply apply the stencil to the fabric and paint with a roller or sponge for your choice, you can buy it in any shop.
  • You can combine different techniques, for example, create a volumetric path and paint the drawing itself with a brush, or comply with different brushes together.  
  • You can also use best spray paint for denim together with some contour to make a strong pattern. Please pay attention to be very accurate with spray to avoid unattractive spots.
  • Best paint markers for denim are also with acrylic paints. Be sure they are fresh enough to make a picture as with usual markers and paper.
  • The thinnest lines on your picture could be made with the best pens for denim - you can emphasize the smallest details of your drawing, make an inscription or lettering object. By the way, with such pens you can draw outlines for subsequent coloring.

Only your imagination can limit you in using the method of painting denim with acrylic paints, because acrylic is able to convey any colors and shades, and the fabric can embody any image. Do not be afraid to experiment, the drawing can always be corrected.

best paint for denim

How to use good paint for denim

Starting to paint with acrylic on denim, you will be faced with a large selection of actual paints. Yes, there are quite a few of them, they all come in different types, densities and uses. That being said, there are some drawing principles that will be relevant anyway:

  • Be sure to take in account the release date of the paint, because the fresher the set, the easier it will be to paint. Of course, there are ways to revive even dried acrylic, but the effect can be worse.
  • Remember that liquid paints tend to flow over the paint. Keep this in mind if you plan to use a brush. The solution will be to use spray, markers or contouring.
  • Why is it recommended to use an iron? It is the hot iron that can finally fix your drawing. Do not forget to warm up the fabric with a hot iron after the end of the whole process.
  • The choice of fabric is at your discretion. If you give advice on choosing paint for fabrics for beginners, please take in account that there are no restrictions on the material for drawing with acrylic. You can work with any type of material: it can be dense textiles, popular denim, silk, pure cotton or even linen. It is very good that paint manufacturers most often indicate on tubes which surface is recommended for painting, this is worth considering as a guide to action. Of course, you can experiment, but try to use paints of the same type in one product. Otherwise, at different densities, the pattern may skew. And remember that the pattern thickens the fabric.


Thus, using just acrylic paints, you can create your own unique item - a skirt or tablecloth, a bag or a scarf. Take advantage of this opportunity - it's very simple, but it will give you an unforgettable experience. By the way, this is a great way to spend time with family or friends.